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18 June 2013
Head of research
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Liz’s role at AMRC is to support member charities in their grant-giving activities, from providing advice on developing a research strategy to evaluating the impact of research portfolios. Liz oversees AMRC’s data and knowledge management and strategy, providing sector-wide analyses of figures and trends in medical research grant-giving. She also manages the five-yearly audit of members’ peer review practices, which ensures that all members are operating according to AMRC’s principles of peer review.

Following her PhD and post-doctoral research in neuroscience, Liz moved into grant management and administration in the public and charity sector. Most recently she was R&D manager at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, where she worked closely with the associated academic and clinical trials units, and developed skills in intellectual property, contract negotiation, understanding the NHS and working across cultural and organisational divides.

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