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16 June 2014
Leading figures of the charity, public and private medical research community gathered in Parliament to showcase ground-breaking research and the health, social and economic benefits it has brought to the UK.
18 March 2014
We have launched a campaign, alongside leading UK medical research charities and other research organisations to ask British MEP candidates to pledge their support for medical research.
3 February 2014
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research has today launched a competition to find case studies that show the many benefits of investing in medical research
30 January 2014
On 30th January, BIA and AMRC highlighted the benefits of charities and industry working together by highlighting four collaborations between our charities and bioscience companies.
13 January 2014
42 AMRC member charities and research organisations have joined together to tell people more about about the benefits of using health information for research and the safeguards in place to protect its confidentiality.
30 October 2013
In a detailed regional analysis, we looked at where AMRC charities invested in research in the UK between 2008 and 2011.
24 October 2013
It's Open Access Week - what does this mean for charities?
11 October 2013
Would you like to help shape how charities conduct and talk about research using animals?
20 June 2013
AMRC member charities spent more that £1.2bn on research in the UK in 2012, excluding capital spend (funding for buildings and large equipment). Medical research charities have consistently spent more than £1bn on research over the past five years.