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14 November 2016
We all want to put patients first – to make the research we fund relevant to patients, listening to their concerns and answering their needs. In this guest blog, Isabelle Abbey-Vital, Research Involvement Officer, Parkinson's UK talks about how Parkinson’s UK have demonstrated the benefits of involving patients and the public in Parkinson’s research.
10 November 2016
Hilary Evans, Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Research UK, gives us a sneak peak into the insights she has in store for us at the Patients First conference on 28 November.
24 October 2016
On 20th October the European Medicines Agency (EMA) opened up public access to the clinical data it holds on new medicines.
17 October 2016
Over 60 research and communications professionals from across the sector joined us for our one day masterclass on Essential Communications and Research Engagement. We heard from inspirational speakers about topics such as making an impact with social media, the power of storytelling, and supporting researchers in science communications.
13 October 2016
AMRC and ABPI's inaugural Patients First Conference will be held on Monday 28 November. It will bring together patients, charities, companies, government bodies, academics, regulators and staff from the NHS under one roof to start a conversation, showcase new ideas and focus on how to deliver the best outcomes for patients. Will you be there?
20 September 2016
With the current popularity of apps to monitor our health, how do we know if we are just finding out some useful information that we can use to improve our lifestyle, or if we are using a ‘medical device’? Find out how you can use the updated guidance published by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to know more about the implications of these new technologies.
14 September 2016
How do you explain how patients' genomes are sequenced, annotated and clinically interpreted in the 100,000 Genomes Project? Broadcaster, Vivienne Parry, Genomics England’s Head of Engagement blogs for AMRC about developed an animation, with input from Genomics England’s national participant panel.
1 September 2016
Asthma UK has published its 'Connected asthma: How technology will transform care' report. Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma UK, elaborates on how technology can be used to revolutionise asthma care and research.
31 August 2016
Impact is the name of the game: for researchers who want to show funders that their work will make a difference; for charities who want to show that their funding is furthering their charitable cause. But with so many domains in which research can have impact (society, economy, healthcare, technology...) and so many different forms that impact can take (engaging with the public, developing a new treatment, creating evidence for a policy change...) which ones are the more important? A new study from researchers at the Policy Institute at Kings, Cardiff University and RAND Europe has used a best-worst scale system to see which impacts are rated highly by the public and researchers.
25 August 2016
Sarah Gilbert is a Politics undergraduate from the University of Warwick who has been working at the AMRC as a Policy and Public Affairs Intern for the past 10 weeks. Here, she provides us with some of her experiences and views about her time at the AMRC.